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Absolutely not! You can cancel your plan at any time and you won't be charged any closing fee, nor any other cost from that moment on.

The answer is quite important.

All websites must be built for a Mobile First World. Meaning it only truly matters what the mobile website looks like and functions.

So, the real question is why are websites still being built for a desktop and you have to accept the mobile site, this is responsive websites.

What Pc Adaptive means is that your website is built for your mobile devices and then it is sent to your desktop. This means your mobile site is exactly how you want it to be, after all, not everything on a desktop site should be on a mobile site and vice versa.


MobileWeb1st has been able to do just that.

Build your mobile site first and then you decide what is shown on your desktop. We are the only ones doing this with our unique Mobile First Technology. Years ahead of the competition.

Stop building websites the old way.

Responsive is  just not good enough!